Our Practice


“The Body has the innate ability to heal itself” - Osteopathic principle

Welcome to Vitalia Clinic, conveniently located in Inglewood’s 9th Ave strip, home to where many wonderful local shops, artisan cafes and restaurants are located in a walking friendly environment and free 2 hour parking. Here, we understand health is related to our physical, emotional and spiritual body. The structure of our body, the one unit that houses many systems and parts are all connected and our bodies function depends on this very structure to be in optimal balance. At our clinic, we see how this affects healing on every level. Our mission is to help our patients accomplish optimal health and reduce the need for surgery and drugs.

Our goal is to empower patients on their health journey with compassion, quality care and to bring them to a point in their treatments that they no longer need to come back. The quality of life our patients enjoy is our priority.


What is Osteopathy & How Does it work?

The body when given the proper care has the complete ability to heal itself.

When you look at the body as a whole and not the sum of it's parts, you can see everything is perfectly designed to interact with one another. Pain is usually an indicator that something is wrong, however, while most modalities will look to the particular area of complaint for treatment, Osteopathy looks at the body as a whole and can perceive the origin of the problem which is the cause and the pain as merely a symptom.

Osteopathy is completely hands on meaning the practitioner is a functional anatomist working with the bones, muscles, ligaments, fascia and joints to bring it back to balance as these areas can become restricted, constricted, inflamed, tender and spasmodic.

This work allows the body's life sustaining fluids such as lymph, blood, synovial fluid, axoplasm, cerebrospinal fluid, digestive juices, intracellular and extracellular fluids to move properly and provide healing in the body.   This type of work helps many people who are experiencing trauma, illness, accidents, scarring from surgery, childbirth, postural issues, and the cumulative effects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress. Osteopaths master palpation which requires a very skilled and sensitive touch requiring deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and body biomechanics and providing joint mobilization and muscle energy techniques which structurally bring the body back to it's intended alignment. Palpation is completely unique to Osteopathy.

How is it different?

Commonly referred to as “Osteo”, it’s through it’s deep understanding of anatomy in it’s ideal form can discover the Why of what hurts rather than merely looking at the What of what hurts.

This way of looking at a patient is so much more effective than conventional treatments that it reduces or even eliminates the need for drugs and surgery as it addresses the root cause of pain to guide it’s treatment plan.

It is not the study of bone disease as many assume but it’s a philosophy that looks at how the bones, muscles, organs, nervous and circulatory system can lead the body into disease. It is at it’s essential form historically, a hands on medical practice by facilitating people’s bodies into proper function; eliminating disease and improving body systems by bringing the body’s structure into balance.

Who can Benefit?

With everyone, there’s always something that can be improved health wise. Osteopathy can address so many issues as it was founded by Dr. Andrew Still as it’s own entire medical practice in 1874 as separate from allopathy and homeopathy. Everything from asthma, to immunity and arthritis can be improved or managed. People do not need an active injury to seek a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner. Even athletes can improve their performance and prevent injuries by seeing one.