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It all started when…

I was driving home after a meeting with a bride and groom as a wedding photographer. I was stopped at a yield sign waiting for traffic and a city bus came crashing behind me. I spent years in pain and years in therapy, doing home exercises, and my usual activities of ballet, horseback riding, and hiking became something of the past. I saw an Osteopath in Winnipeg for only a month and my healing plateau increased significantly. But I had no idea what an Osteopath was still as I thought they were a physiotherapist. At this time my career as a self employed wedding photographer had already stopped because of my condition. I started dabbling in my love for herbalism and this grew into becoming a 4 year student getting my diploma as an Herbalist.

I still felt something wasn’t being addressed with people’s healing and felt like touch was a significant part of people becoming well. A friend told me about a school they were at where you could become a Manual Osteopath and I had that instinct I should drop everything and study in Toronto. I packed my bags and said see you later to my home and husband and dived deep into learning more about the body and how it’s supposed to function. I fell in love with what it could do through anatomical understanding and touch. Mastering palpation to diagnose and treat and see how a body could transform and become healthy again, not just in how the pain was reduced but also how an immune system could function better, how someones organs could suddenly have room to function properly and even eliminate what was thought to be joint pain by working on an organ instead. The body is an incredible unit and the philosophy of looking at it that way to see where there can be barriers keeping the body from functioning properly is fascinating to me. Everyday I choose to learn something more about the body and I’m grateful to everyone, peers, teachers and patients for teaching me. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a career that makes a difference in people’s lives because I believe we all want to help the people around us.