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Vitalia ensures all her new patients feel welcome, safe, and empowered with their health decisions. During your first visit, a thorough medical history will be taken as well as discussion of treatment goals. Once an oral history is completed, you will be asked to stand, sit, walk for various tests that require palpation. Pain may be elicited/recreated quickly for Vitalia to interpret a clinical impression, however, care will be taken to keep you comfortable. A unique treatment plan will be created based on your assessment. There will be some time near the end to perform treatment. Please keep in mind Manual Osteopathy is hands on for both the assessment and treatment portion. Please wear comfortable clothing such as shorts & t-shirt, tank, yoga pants etc. Especially during the first appointment we will want to see knees, ankles, hips, spinal curve, shoulders, neck etc.

We keep your privacy safe and utilize an online booking system that is compliant with Canada’s Privacy requirements.



We are part of a National Association and have a number you can submit to your insurance. Your benefits may include Osteopathy, however, we can not guarantee which insurance companies will accept or not accept. We are currently waiting for Manulife Insurance to add us for Direct Billing in which we will be the first Osteopathic clinics in Canada to have this feature. Insurance changes all the time in what they approve or don’t approve so we advise patients to make their health a priority and to choose the modality that best serves their body and goals. Health is an investment and if benefits cover, it is a bonus. For the self employed, there are CRA approved companies which act like insurance. We can provide the information upon request.


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